SiteTracker™ is the “Must Have” Tool for Economic Development Professionals.



Now you can identify unknown visitors to your website and turn them into qualified leads. Best of all, these leads are delivered to you every day by email. Imagine having new leads delivered to your smart phone every morning by 8:00 am.

“SiteTracker rocks! Website intelligence at its best.”

– Paul Wheatley, President, The Wheatley Group, LLC
   Economic Development Strategy Specialists
   SiteTracker™ Client since 2013

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SiteTracker™ provides details on visitors such as company location, annual revenues, company contacts, LinkedIn profiles, and more. With SiteTracker™ you can now measure marketing ROI more precisely. At last, you can report to your board of directors and key stakeholders with hard data—not just general locations, but names and leads that you are following up on.


SiteTracker™ delivers new lead generation data every day. Get reports delivered right to your phone or access them on your desktop. It’s simple, cost-effective, and it lets you turn unknown visitors into sales prospects.

Want to see which companies visit your website, including industry types, locations, revenues, and more? Now you can! SiteTracker gives you advanced, affordable web analytics designed for economic development.

Got a hot prospect you’re keeping an eye on? SiteTracker can send instant alerts to your smart phone whenever they visit your site. Advanced analytics show you their areas of interest with real-time, actionable data.

SiteTracker™ features built-in CRM tools for managing your sales leads. Detailed data is even available in graphic form for powerful presentations to boards and stakeholders on marketing efforts and initiatives.


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