Marketing Alliance Services

In today’s marketing environment, we deliver all the resources you need to succeed with measurable results to show return on investment: Strategic Plans, Branding, Best-in-Industry Websites, Interactive Maps, 3D Technology, Dynamic Videos, Comprehensive Digital Campaigns, and much more.

Please review our services and let us know if you have any questions or contact us to schedule your personal demonstration of our services at 941-347-7412.

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Website and SEO
We build strategic websites that work for you.

Website development with enhanced analytics may be the single wisest investment any company or organization can make. Marketing Alliance’s close consultation and relationships with site selectors and the tourism industry nationwide has yielded the strategic insights that we’ve leveraged in creating websites packed with data, great features, and lots of bang for the buck.

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Strategic Digital Campaigns
Reaching the right audience with the right message and delivering it through the right channel.

Marketing Alliance’s strategic digital campaigns incorporate social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo and delivers targeted messages with paid and non-paid initiatives. Digital campaigns are measured with real-time tracking, and reports are generated with visitor behavior and details on return of investment by pay-per-click and re-marketing efforts. Dashboards can be generated with comprehensive reports for multi-channel initiatives.

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3D Animation and Video Production
Seeing is Selling!

Studies show that approximately 85% of the population is unable to visualize ideas without help. With 3D renderings and animations by Marketing Alliance, you can communicate your vision of your project instantly and powerfully. If your prospect can see it, they are more likely to buy into it.

Nothing brings your project to life like the vivid sights, sounds, and story of well-produced, dynamic video. Only minutes in length, Marketing Alliance video presentations create immediate impact and powerfully-positive impressions that resonate long after viewing.

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Ambassador Programs
You can’t be everywhere.

The creation of a community ambassadors program is instrumental to the success of having a great experience by a visitor to your community. The ambassador program includes training on etiquette and procedures for key stakeholders and front-line personnel, coaching them on what to say, how to act, and to understand the importance of a good experience.

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Kiosk Systems
Leverage interactivity for maximum impact.

Expand your reach and deploy your messaging across a variety of strategic physical settings and locations with superb-quality products that leverage interactivity for maximum information and maximum impact. Attention-getting, hard-working additions to trade shows, real estate developments, or tourist attractions.

Kiosk Systems: Kiosk systems are crowd-pleasers in the best sense of the word, engaging and informing audiences with striking visuals and inviting touch-screen interactivity.

Presentation Rooms: As an immersive multi-media experience, the presentation room can provide the ultimate environment for sales success. Add critical impact to site visits—ideal for welcome centers, marketing centers, museums, and more.

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Branding and Messaging
The right brand identity is the key to success for any community.

It’s what helps you get noticed and stand apart from a sea of cities, towns, and counties competing for the same economic development commitments.

Why is your community special? What can you offer that no one else can match? What is your most powerful brand promise? How should your visual identity be portrayed—what are your optimal colors, fonts and graphics?

Our proprietary TRUEBRANDING™ process is designed to answer those questions and more. We capture the essence—or truth—of your community and help you present it to site selectors and decision-makers in a powerful, engaging brand identity package.

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Advanced Analytics
SiteTracker Lead Generation

Marketing Alliance SiteTracker analytics and tracking delivers critical intelligence about who’s visiting your website, identified by company name, industry, and revenue, plus strategic conversion management tools provides for timely, effective follow-up to leads.

FAA-Certified Drone Pilot
Aerial Drone Videography and Photography Services

Marketing Alliance provides aerial drone services including videography and photography. Utilizing the latest in drone technology, Marketing Alliance can bring a fresh perspective to Economic Development, Tourism, and Real Estate marketing.

Our drone is piloted by an experienced FAA-Certified sUAS pilot (PIC – Pilot in Command). This is important for minimizing liability for our clients. Pilot will follow FAA guidelines to ensure utmost safety, height limitations, weather conditions, other aircraft, and documents flight log and maintenance activities to ensure flight worthiness.

Interior and Exterior Photography
Professional Photography will showcase your property in its best light.

Great photography is the cornerstone of almost any effective marketing effort, yet the need for professional photography is often overlooked. Professional photography can really set your property apart by showcasing it assets in the very best light. Let our professional photographers help you sell your property.