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Great marketing starts with a great idea.
Then you need great photography.

Great photography is the cornerstone of almost any effective community marketing, yet the need for photography is often not only unmet but simply unrecognized. You see your community every day; your prospects don’t. A diverse, professional-grade photo library is essential for your current and future efforts.

Aerial Drone Services
Utilizing the latest in technology, Marketing Alliance provides aerial drone photography and videography in capturing community assets including available properties, industrial parks, and quality of life. Drone is piloted by an experienced FAA Certified sUAS pilot (PIC – Pilot in Command). This is important for minimizing liability to our clients. Pilot will follow FAA guidelines to ensure utmost safety, height limitations, weather conditions, other aircraft, and documents flight log and maintenance activities to ensure flight worthiness.

360˚ Panoramics
These one-shot virtual tours are a simple, cost-effective way to put prospects “on location,” orienting them to landscapes, geography and assets, showing proximity and providing a “feel” of the space—whether it’s an industrial site, a downtown, an interior, or other location.


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Mark Weilenman

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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Economic development is a unique product to sell. It’s not just marketing as usual, but it’s still about identifying your audience and generating results.