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Website development may be the single wisest investment for successful economic development marketing. Too bad so many communities are throwing money away on websites that just sit and look pretty. In the race for global investment, economic developers need much more: Like lead generation and actionable prospect intelligence. What’s required, in other words, is a website that works.

Attract site selectors with rich data and cost-effective features.
Marketing Alliance’s close consultation and relationships with site selectors nationwide has yielded the strategic insights that we’ve leveraged in creating websites packed with data, great features and lots of bang for the buck. Our report generators and customized Google maps, for example, are site selector favorites. Equally important, Marketing Alliance websites offer complete management and cost-effectiveness. Zero frustration, zero wasted dollars.

Mobilize marketing with lead generation and real-time intelligence.
Why settle for aggregates and traffic counts? Marketing Alliance SiteTracker analytics and tracking delivers critical intelligence about who’s visiting your website, which visitors are prospects and how those prospects arrived at your site. Plus strategic conversion management tools provides for timely, effective follow-up to leads.

Your website will answer every need with features that include:

  • Report Generator: While your up-to-the-minute website is selling your community 24/7, the report generator drives home your assets and advantages with concise, comprehensive takeaways at the touch of a button. For site selectors and other visitors to your website, it’s more than convenient, it’s crucial. And as a bonus, it allows you to prepare for RFPs in a matter of seconds.
  • Mapping:  Think you need the huge expense of GIS mapping? Then think about this: our customized Google maps showcase your community in usable, inviting formats that effectively present and highlight the significant data and details that site selectors are searching for, at a fraction of the cost of GIS.
    • Property Mapping—Customized searches connect prospects with property quickly and easily.
    • Interactive Asset Mapping—Site selectors love this feature; we know because they’ve told us. Site users can turn map layers on and off, toggle on and off assets, getting “the big picture” with all the right details. A great “show and sell” component for your website.
  • Content Management: Although we’re happy to provide management services if asked, our websites are designed specifically for client management so that updates can be made immediately and easily. You enjoy total control while saving that monthly management fee.
  • SEO Services: Specialized SEO expertise combined with close consultation with site selectors allows us to optimize websites for stellar rankings and search results. 
  • Analytics & Tracking: Still stuck with aggregates and traffic counts? Marketing Alliance SiteTracker is an easy-to-use, easily integrated cloud-based solution that provides lead generation, real-time actionable visitor intelligence and more. Marketing Alliance SiteTracker makes you more powerfully active and effective in all your marketing efforts.

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