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Viewing Instructions

To view an AR image, you'll need a webcam connected to your computer.

  • Download and install the AR Media Player (Win) (Mac).
  • Download the AR media file (spec building) (virtual product) to your desktop.
  • Download and print out the AR Code.
  • Open the AR Media Player software
  • Once the Player has loaded, it will ask you to "Choose an ARMedia file". Browse to the AR media file you downloaded in step two and click "Start".
  • This will activate your webcam and bring up the viewer in a new window.
  • Now hold the printout of the AR Placemarker in front of your webcam and watch your screen. The screen may pause while the 3D model loads.
  • Once the 3D model appears, you can move the printout around to move the model in real time.


  • Make sure you are in a well-lit area.
  • Make sure your webcam is turned on.
  • The icon must properly face your webcam. You may need to rotate or adjust the angle of the paper.
  • Mac users may need to activate the webcam via Flash Player settings. If prompted to change cameras, do so and choose the USB option from the menu. Use the second tab from the left to allow flash to remember your settings.
  • Click here for the PC User guide.
  • Click here for the Mac User guide.
  • For all other inquiries, contact us at 601.713.0045.

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