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    Reach the best prospects where they like to be reached. Get their attention. Stand out. Start a conversation and keep it going.


    What makes your community, attraction, or property special? What does your audience get in return? Present a clear call to action.


    Create branding and messaging that inspires emotion. Communicate quality, value, and uniqueness. Feed audience aspirations.


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John AbbateJohn Abbate
John Abbate
Mark WeilenmanMark Weilenman
Mark Weilenman
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Mark KitchensMark Kitchens
Mark Kitchens
Vice President, Creative Services
Karen HutchingsKaren Hutchings
Karen Hutchings
Senior Director, Tourism Marketing
Porter FosterPorter Foster
Porter Foster
Web Development Director
Mike MathisMike Mathis
Mike Mathis
Brand Director
Melissah BruceMelissah Bruce
Melissah Bruce
Creative Production Manager
Natalia Diaz-Payton
Natalia Diaz-Payton
Digital Marketing Specialist
Sara Rosinsky
Sara Rosinsky
Copy Writer
John Abbate Jr.John Abbate Jr.
John Abbate Jr.
Creative Production, FAA Certified Drone Pilot
Kirsten KitchensKirsten Kitchens
Kirsten Kitchens
Creative Production
Joseph “Jody” HillJoseph “Jody” Hill
Joseph “Jody” Hill
Creative Production
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“I understand that American communities are facing a whole new world of global competition. But I also know that cities and regions, large and small, can compete and win. One thing, however, is key: our doing a good job in giving them every possible competitive advantage we can.”

“It’s important to have a strong relationship between public and private sectors, which depends in large part on good communication. And that’s just one avenue where robust marketing for economic development can make a difference, not only in attracting new investment but in creating a sense of shared enterprise among all stakeholders.”

“Marketers often talk about their client’s ‘image,’ but an image is a ‘still life’ and what we do goes beyond that. By combining today’s technology with tried-and-true aesthetics and narrative, what we aim to create is a vibrant, in-depth portrayal that gets to the heart of what the city or region is all about.”

"I've had the opportunity to market tourism and build loyal partnerships in some of the most dynamic tourism destinations in the United States. Because of my expertise, I am so excited to be able to service clients of Marketing Alliance throughout the country."

“Any web solution is going to have to be tested and retested across at least a dozen configurations. But the effort is worth it. A website is one of the smartest investments an organization can make. A compelling website that communicates across all platforms is crucial to insuring the investment yields the highest return.”

"I learned branding from retail, and in retail, you have to generate results... creating branding that works is always a challenage, but I love the work, and I like doing it with these nice folks."

"One of things that I try to do in a role is challenge the mindset. I look at what we've done in the past, and I look at what we want to do in the future, and I'm the person who's going to ask the question, 'Why do we do it that way? Well, is that the most effective way of us doing it, or is there a better way to do it?'"

Natalia is an award winning content and digital marketer with over a decade of delivering superior branding experiences.

Sara has been a copywriter for more than half of her life—and wouldn’t have it any other way.

"The drone has provided a very unique perspective in our video production in that we can create a bird's-eye view on our subjects."

"A company is more than just a company; it's about the individuals. Every single person in this company allows me and encourages me to be the most creative person I can be, and I really thrive on that. I love expanding and getting better at my job every single day; I want to be better today than I was yesterday."

"I decided I wanted to take a leap of faith and do what I was really passionate about, so I started pursuing a career in video and I've never looked back since. And that's the one thing that I would tell anybody I was talking to: to do what you love and to use that to help others however you can."

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Economic development, tourism, and real estate marketing are some of the most fiercely competitive fields in America. Since 2001, Marketing Alliance has helped American communities attract billions of dollars in investments and create thousands of jobs. In today’s marketing environment, we deliver all the resources you need to succeed with measurable results to show return on investment: Strategic Plans, Branding, Best-in-Industry Websites, Interactive Maps, 3D Technology, Dynamic Videos, Comprehensive Digital Campaigns, and much more. Give us a call today.


  • quotation marks icon Andrew Mattiace

    President & Chief Executive Officer
    The Mattiace Properties

    "John and his team at Marketing Alliance heard my request, which was an impossible request within 24 hours, and they said, 'we'll do it.'"

  • quotation marks icon Jan Mattiace

    Marketing Communications Director
    The Mattiace Properties

    "Marketing Alliance, as far as customer service goes, is just impeccable. A lot of things we do happen at the last minute and there's never an, 'Oh my gosh, we don't have time to do this.' They always make time and are always extremely pleasant to work with."

  • quotation marks icon Lucienne Pears

    Charlotte County Economic Development Office

    "We were able to increase impressions 400% on our website. Out of a short two-month campaign we developed 408 leads that it is our responsibility now to follow up with. All of this was done through great collaboration and partnership with John and his team, just talking about how we can solve our problems in a different way."

  • quotation marks icon Joe Max Higgins, Jr

    Chief Executive Officer
    Golden Triangle Development Link

    "I would absolutely recommend Marketing Alliance to other economic developers. They've done us a good job, we've been happy with them, their work is professional, and it's helped us sell our community. So I would tell all of my peers: you're missing a chance if you don't."

  • quotation marks icon Andrew Mattiace

    President & Chief Executive Officer
    The Mattiace Properties

    "I would say if I could describe the relationship that I would like to have with all of my firms and consultants, it would be the Marketing Alliance model."

  • quotation marks icon Pablo Diaz

    Executive Director
    Warren County Port Commission
    Economic Development Foundation

    “I’ve been working with Marketing Alliance for about eight years. It’s been a really great experience, a very professional experience. Marketing Alliance has brought a lot to the table in terms of making our marketing efforts effective, and specifically making them remarkable.”



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