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Case Studies

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GTR Development LINK
Columbus, Mississippi

Marketing Alliance was commissioned to create a marketing campaign for the Golden Triangle Development LINK. The campaign required identifying the Prairie Belt Powersite’s assets for industrial development, creating a 3D model to demonstrate potential solutions for building footprints and utilization, and preparing a marketing video and print advertisements to aggressively target potential industrial clients.

Specific deliverables included:

  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Design and development of site marketing video in both English and Korean languages
  • 3D animations of both a single OEM and Campus footprint solutions
  • Series of 3D graphics and animations which highlight specific assets of the Powersite
  • Creation of print advertisements that were published in industry magazines.

RESULT:  In April 2013, Yokohama Tire Corporation announced it will locate a commercial truck tire plant at Prairie Belt Powersite on a 500-acre tract where construction is scheduled to begin this September. The initial phase of the project represents a $300 million investment on Yokohama’s part and is expected to create 500 new jobs, with future expansions bringing the total to 2,000. The plant, which is the company’s first U.S. facility to be constructed from the ground up, will include an on-campus workforce training center with annual production capacity expected to reach one million tires.

Golden Triangle Development LINK - MEDC 2013 Presentation
Armed with the resources for a great megasite, the fortitude to spend the money needed to pursue opportunities, and the competitive intelligence to rise above other city's sites, CEO of the Golden Triangle Development LINK, Joe Max Higgins, describes what it took to land one of the largest economic development projects in the Southeast.  Watch the video below:

“We’re off to a great start, on this project and on the new alliance as a whole. Great new growth is ahead.”

Mark Weilenman

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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Economic development is a unique product to sell. It’s not just marketing as usual, but it’s still about identifying your audience and generating results.