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Case Studies

Sumter Economic Development logo  
Sumter Economic Development
Sumter, South Carolina

Marketing Alliance was commissioned to create a marketing campaign for the Sumter, South Carolina economic development organization. The campaign required identifying the county’s assets for industrial development, preparing a brand identity and logo, preparing marketing materials to aggressively target potential industrial clients through various media, and providing analytical tracking of ongoing campaign efforts.



Specific deliverables included:

  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Logo re-design, positioning statement, and development of all stationery items
  • Design and development of printed brochure materials
  • Series of 3D sales presentations which highlight specific assets of the community and industrial sites
  • Downtown virtual tour that includes 3D animations showing current and numerous future and existing developments. This system is designed for display on kiosk systems, conference room kiosk systems, laptop computers, display on the website, and available on CD’s.


RESULT: Working with our client partner, Marketing Alliance was able to creatively present the vitality and viability of Sumter, South Carolina, producing strategies and targeted products that allow them to better represent their assets while reaching a wider audience.

"The Marketing Alliance team helped to package a world class, comprehensive marketing initiative for Sumter, South Carolina, that gets to the heart of a community with American Spirit and a Global Edge. Throughout the process their creativity and communications capacity were extraordinary... They have that 'something' that sets them apart from the rest."

Mark Weilenman

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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Economic development is a unique product to sell. It’s not just marketing as usual, but it’s still about identifying your audience and generating results.