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Case Studies

Columbus Lowndes Development LINK logo  
Columbus Lowndes Development LINK
Columbus, Mississippi

Marketing Alliance was commissioned to create marketing tools for the economic development organization called the Columbus Lowndes Development LINK. The goal of the campaign was to re-brand the LINK organization, develop state-of-the-art sales tools to help lure business and industry into the county, help promote the local lifestyle, work with the Chamber to enhance their website and marketing materials, promote the local port, promote the local airport, promote the local Air Force Base, and create a 3D virtual tour of the two mega sites.

Marketing Alliance created the following materials:

  • Logo re-design and development of all stationery items
  • Design and development of printed brochure materials
  • Website re-design and development with online registration
  • Sales presentation that include “Columbus Overview”, “Industrial Sites”, “Airport”, “Air Force Base”, “Port Authority”, “Retail”, “Retirement”, “Recreation”, “Healthcare”, and “Education”.
  • Interactive Kiosk System that displays all the sales presentations, hundreds of panoramic photographs, and numerous 3D animations of future and existing developments. This system is designed for display on wall mounted touch screen kiosk systems, conference room kiosk system, laptop computers, displayed on the website, and available on CD’s.

RESULT: Through innovative visualizations and marketing techniques, Marketing Alliance successfully captured and presented the Lowndes County area. The Columbus Lowndes Development LINK has set the stage as an innovative economic development organization with marketing tools that truly set them apart.

"Marketing Alliance has taken our marketing program not to the next level but to the next planet. They will make our next $3.6 billion in investments easier than the first!"

John Abbate


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