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Case Studies

Downtown Jackson Partners logo  
Downtown Jackson Partners
Jackson, Mississippi

Marketing Alliance was chosen by Downtown Jackson Partners, a Business Improvement District (BID) in Jackson, Mississippi, to create a comprehensive marketing campaign, with a 3D virtual tour of the downtown area as its centerpiece. Marketing Alliance created the 66-block environment using 3D Studio Max and interactive tools in order to help market the downtown community. The virtual environment allows visitors the ability to navigate and explore areas of interest such as historic locations, available office space, available residential space, restaurants, and tourist locations. The “Virtual Downtown Jackson” is displayed on the web, laptop computers, and kiosk systems. The virtual environment includes roll-over features that launch marketing pages of each location. Each marketing page includes content about the location, photography, 360-panoramic photographs, animations, video presentations, commercials, web links, or any other digital media the client wishes to incorporate.


In addition, Marketing Alliance created the following:

  • Incorporated analytics tracking to determine performance on the web
  • Design of high-tech marketing center with interactive kiosk systems
  • Overview movie presentation of the downtown experience
  • Coordination with over 150 organizations in order to create marketing pages
  • Downtown Jackson Partners marketing brochure
  • Media events and announcement planning
  • Marketing strategies and implementation

RESULT: Downtown Jackson Partners has a one of a kind marketing tool that allows viewers from around the world the ability to explore and learn all about the downtown Jackson area. Designed for easy updates, this virtual environment is an ever evolving asset that is shared by local organizations to help promote their individual efforts as well as the over-arching economic development efforts.

"Marketing Alliance not only exceeded our expectations, but they created marketing solutions that were beyond our imaginations. A truly innovative company."

Mark Weilenman

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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Economic development is a unique product to sell. It’s not just marketing as usual, but it’s still about identifying your audience and generating results.