What is SEO?

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What is SEO?

03/02/17 | Written by Lee Campbell

The main goal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to help people find your site through search engines, and it all comes down to keywords and key phrases placed in your website copy like bread crumbs or markers.  Search phrases or sentences that identify your organization, implemented into your copy and news updates help search engines bring searchers to your website door and increase the odds in your website ranking.


Example: Marketing Alliance Website / www.marketingallianceinc.com

Our Keywords: marketing, economic development, site selectors, southeastern, graphic design, 3D renderings, web sites, presentation movies, branding, mississippi, oklahoma, florida, north carolina

Our Key Phrases:  (1) A Marketing Resource company  (2) Economic Development Marketing

Over time, with multiple posts, these keywords and phrases have done so much for us concerning SEO.  It ties our company name to a specific search phrase and geographic locations and helps searchers find us online.

The SEO keyword & key phrase list you develop will match the SEO alternate titles and meta descriptions we build into the code on your web site to increase your websites SEO.



  1. Concise Results  When we build a site, we add two parts to the static and home page that don't really look that important, but have a huge impact on your google rankings - alternate titles and meta descriptions. When you search for a phrase, the search engine results page displays your title as the link to the page and the meta description as the small text underneath it. The alt title and meta description are your opportunities to convince someone to click your link over someone else's link. The more people that click your link, the more relevant your site is to Google. If you have website copy coordinating with the alt titles and meta descriptions at the same time, we take a serious leap to good SEO.
  2. Search Phrase Ownership Is there a search phrase that you want your site to be closely tied to? We need to take that into consideration. When adding news articles, events, blog posts - work the phrase into your copy.  At Marketing Alliance, we wanted to own the phrase "economic development marketing firm."   So every time we post a news article, we place "Marketing Alliance, Inc. is an economic development marketing firm with offices in Jackson, Mississippi; Charlotte, North Carolina; Punta Gorda, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma." Over time, with multiple posts, this one phrase has done so much for us.   It ties our company name to a specific search phrase and geographic locations.
  3. Keeping Your Web Site Relevant Plain old content is no longer king. New, original content is king. If google reviews your site and sees that nothing has changed, it notes it. If your site stays stagnant, google will visit your site less often and your rankings will slip. One of the best ways to avoid that is through news, blogs and events. A new news article (or blog entry or event) adds more searchable content to your site. Regarding content, Google values original content over copied content. So if news articles are copied from another source, add your own summary to the top of it to distinguish your post from the flock.



  • Responsive Design Whether your site is responsive or not has absolutely no bearing on search results on a desktop machine. But it does affect your rankings on mobile devices. Non-responsive sites rank lower on phones and tablets, which make up well over half the searches worldwide.
  • Sitemaps We construct well-organized XML sitemaps and submit them to Google through their Webmaster Tools, so when the Google reviews your site for content, it has a road map to use. The sitemaps also tell Google when a page has been updated.
  • Google Analytics  Marketing Alliance adds Google Analytics to every web site we build.  If your existing site has a google analytics code, we will use the existing account number to preserve the search results. In a case where your account was established by a different organization who never gave you client access, we'll put a new code in place.


Economic development is a unique product to sell. It’s not just marketing as usual, but it’s still about identifying your audience and generating results.